Sanitary Measures

Be Welcome!

We make every effort to comply with health regulations while maintaining a quality service, as efficient as possible.

We remind you of the need for you as for us, to apply barrier gestures knowing that the situation is bound to evolve gradually.

Our commitment will only make sense if everyone participates.

Thank you for your confidence!

What changes ...

Reservation is mandatory for both hotel and restaurant.

Wearing a mask is mandatory for all persons in circulation in the establishment.

Restaurant side

  • distance between tables (<1m>) in the dining room, on the terrace and at the bar

Reinforced protocol according to the prefectural decree of October 20, 2020:

  • Service from 6.30 p.m. to 9 p.m. (closing time)
  • table of 6 people maximum
  • Bar closed
  • Keeping a register or reminder book. This “notebook” is intended to collect the contact details of the customers present in the restaurant in order to keep them at the disposal of the health authorities in the event of contamination of one of them (last name, first name and telephone number collected and kept for 15 days before destruction)

> from October 22 to November 5, 2020 included

 Hotel side

  • arrival time shifted to 17h
  • no buffet, but an à la carte breakfast served in your room or in the restaurant
  • no laundry service anymore
  • disinfection of the rooms before your arrival: for your safety, we have invested in a professional curative purifier dedicated to the decontamination of air and surfaces. This unit is an ozone diffuser, a completely biological product, therefore without chemicals, so as not to harm your health and that of the staff.

Cleaning of your room during your stay

The protocol states to limit access to the rooms by staff. 

Also, we propose you to intervene every 3 days to clean your room with disinfection. On request, if required, we will leave a cleaning kit available for daily maintenance.

To make up for this inconvenience, we have created for you a pretty pouch containing 1 fabric mask per person, available during your stay and which we will change every day for your comfort.

We sincerely hope that these precautionary measures will not spoil your enjoyment…

The whole team is at your disposal if you need further information.