spirit of

the Cuisine

Chef Eric Duval’s cuisine gives pride of place to fresh market products and local products. So he favors the fish of the region and, during the hunting season, puts game in the spotlight: wood pigeon, hare, doe …
Traditional dishes, revisited according to the Chef’s inspiration and desires. His specialties include grilled Lobster with tarragon and the Hot Liver of the Tatin sisters in sweet and sour.

When you are lucky enough to be able to work the lamb, the veal or the Basque pig from the Aldudes, the trout from Banka, the foie gras from the Landes and so on, no need for fuss, the product speaks for itself- even and my pleasure is to sublimate it.

Portrait of

the Chef

Graduated of the Paris Hotel School, Eric Duval first studied with Mr. Michel Bourdin, Chef of the Connaught Hotel, one of the jewels of the Savoy group in London.

After seven years spent across the Channel, he returned to France and worked for the spa center in Anglet, before joining the Michelin-starred table at Auberge de la Galupe in Urt.

Then, it was love at first sight for Biriatou, where he took over with his wife Corine, the Bakea and, a few years later, the establishment next door where they will create their own restaurant now called Les Jardins de Bakea.