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The menu of Les Jardins de Bakea is written over the seasons. The dishes are made from fresh market products and processed by us. We guarantee homemade production of all menus, including bread, appetizers and sweets. All our Dishes and Menus are “Homemade”, cooked on site using fresh and seasonal products. We are committed to an approach of quality, know-how and transparency towards our customers, with qualified staff both in the kitchen and in the dining room.

A la carte


Mosaic of Brill & Lobster, Pudeur Sauce – €20

Roasted Langoustine Tails & Artichoke Hearts,  Mesclun with Hazelnut Oil – €21

‘Kintoa’ Ham (PDO) Sliced on the Bone by us & its Tomato and Garlic Toast – €22

Gourmet Salad, French Beans, Foie Gras & Lobster shavings – €24

Homemade Foie Gras Terrine, Fig & Red Onion Chutney, Toasted Bread with Walnuts – €23


Small Abalones from Bretagne with Artichokes, Risotto of Langoustines – €28

Red Line Tuna from our Coasts Just Snacked, Tian of Old Tomato Variety and Eggplant Caviar – €28

Blue Lobster Grilled with Tarragon – €55


Hot Foie Gras served around a Tatin Tart with a Sweet and Sour sauce – €28

Roasted Pigeon, Small Tomatoes Stuffed with Vegetables – €28

Fillet of Farm Veal from Aldudes Valley served with Girolles Mushrooms – €26


Selection of Local Cheeses – €12

Raspberry Eclair & its Sorbet, Rose Flavor- €11

Cocktail  “Back from the Islands ” with Pineapple, Coconut & Avocado – €11

Chocolate & Pistachio Iced Parfait with Crispy Feuillantine – €12

Raspberry Alcohol Soufflé – €12

Duo of Ewe Milk Cheese & its Black Cherry Jam – €11

"Back from the Market"

Elaborated every week depending on the market

€41 for 3 courses

or  €31 for 2 courses

Tomato Gazpacho with Langoustine Tails


Steak Tartare

Yellow Pollock from the Basque Country, Lobster Stock with Small Vegetables


Grenadin of Veal, Tarragon Cream, Mixed Wild Rice

Mirabelle Plum Savarin, Honey Whipped Cream, Gewurztraminer Syrup


Chocolate & Raspberry Macaroons served with Raspberry Sorbet


Duo of Ewe’s Milk Cheese & Black Cherry Jam


Tasting menu to discover the Chef’s cuisine
6-course service to be ordered for the whole table

Menu €76


Gourmet Salad with French Green Beans, Foie Gras & Lobster Chips

Roasted Langoustine Tails & Artichoke Hearts

Fish depending on the Market Choice

Hot Foie of the Tatin Sisters in Sweet and Sour Sauce

Half-Pigeon Roasted in its Juice

Symphony of Desserts

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