The menu of Les Jardins de Bakea is written over the seasons. The dishes are made from fresh market products and processed by us. We guarantee homemade production of all menus, including bread, appetizers and sweets. All our Dishes and Menus are “Homemade”, cooked on site using fresh and seasonal products. We are committed to an approach of quality, know-how and transparency towards our customers, with qualified staff both in the kitchen and in the dining room.

A la carte



Gourmet Salad of Green Beans, Foie Gras Shavings & Lobster – 24 €

Homemade Foie Gras Terrine, Fig & Red Onions Chutney,

Toasted Bread with Nuts – 23 €

Artichoke & Smoked Salmon Millefeuille and its Coulis – 22 €

Blooming Courgettes stuffed with a Ratatouille & Tomato Coulis – 18 €



Braised Sea-Bass served with a Nage Flavoured with Lobster & Spring Vegetables – 26 €

Red Tuna Steak from Saint Jean de Luz just Snacked,

Cooked Tomatoes from the Garden, Tomato Coulis Flavoured with Espelette Pepper – 28 €

Blue Lobster Grilled with Tarragon – 42 €



Foie Gras Saltado con Tarta Caliente de las Hermanas Tatin en Agridulce – 28 €

Pato Medio Salvaje Asado con Melocotones, Mezcla de Arroces – 22 €

Cadera de Ternera de las Aldudes con Rebozuelos Saltados – 25 €

Solomillo de Buey Asado (Origen Francia) Salsa Bearnesa al Estragón, Patatas Fritas – 27 €



Thin Apple Tart & Vanilla Ice Cream – 11 €

Poached Peach, Strawberry Coulis & Ice cream made of Lemon and Verbena from the garden – 12 €

Home Made Dark Chocolate Ice Cream and Apricot Sorbet – 12 €

Soufflé Flavoured with Raspberry Liqueur from Brana – 12 €

Selection of Matured Cheeses from the Region by Beñat – 12 €



"Market Return"

Elaborated every week depending on the market

41 € for 3 courses

Or  31 € one starter + one main course or one main course + one dessert

Basque Trout in Marinade with Wild Fennel


Small Fresh Goat Cheese Dome with Tomato Heart served with a Mesclun Salad mix


Baby Squids Sauted Basque Way with Garlic, Green and Red Peppers, Fresh Pastas


Piece of Veal with Champenoise Sauce, Fresh Pasta


Nage of Mirabelle Plums served with Fromage Blanc


Roasted Pineapple, Spicy Biscuits & Sichuan Pepper Cream  


Selection of Matured Cheeses from the Region by Beñat



Only served for the whole table


Amuse bouche


Gourmet Salad of Green Beans, Foie Gras Shavings & Lobster


Blooming Courgettes stuffed with Ratatouille & Tomato Coulis


Fish according to market choice


Hot Foie Gras Served over Tatin Tart, Sweet and Sour Sauce


Rump Steak of Veal from the Aldudes Valley, Pan-fried with Chanterelles Mushrooms


Symphony of Desserts


Serving hours

12.00 am - 2.00 pm
7.30 pm - 9.30 pm

Weekly closing (except holidays)

Monday & Tuesday from early November to late March
Monday lunch time & Tuesday lunch time from early April to late October.

Annual closure 2020

from Sunday 12 January to Wednesday 5 February inclusive
and from Sunday 15 November to Wednesday 2 December inclusive.