Carte & Menus

Menu is written over the seasons. The dishes are made from fresh market products and processed by us. We guarantee homemade production of all menus, including bread, appetizers and sweets. All our Dishes and Menus are “Homemade”, cooked on site using fresh and seasonal products. We are committed to an approach of quality, know-how and transparency towards our customers, with qualified staff both in the kitchen and in the dining room.

A la carte


Duet of Trout Gravlax from the Basque Country & Homemade Smoked Salmon,
Sour Cream – €21

Spring Roll with Crab and Avocado, Asian Sauce – €17

Special ‘Marennes’ Oysters Browned in Champagne Sauce – €26

Gourmet Salad of Green Beans, Foie Gras & Lobster – €26

Home-made Foie Gras, Fig & Red Onion Chutney, Toasted Bread with Walnuts – €23


Line-Caught Red Tuna just Seared, Tomatoes & Eggplant Caviar – €28

Red Mullet Fillets Just Grilled, Olive Oil from Provence & Mini Ratatouille – €26

Stone-Bass Fillet, Chorizo Coulis, Wild Rice – €27

Blue Lobster from the Fish Tank, Grilled with Tarragon (on order only) – €90


Young Pigeon Roasted in Juice, Corn Galette with Ewe’s Cheese & Chorizo, Green Asparagus “Meunière” – €30

“Tatin Sisters” Hot Duck Foie Gras, Sweet and Sour Sauce – €28

Tasting of Roasted Milk-fed Lamb from the Aldudes Valley, Gratin Dauphinois – €30


Selection of Mature Cheeses from the Basque Country – €14

The Anne-Sophie’s Lemon Tart – €13

Crispy Hazelnut Praline, Chocolate Fondant & Chicory Custard – €13

Millefeuille with Strawberries, Salted Butter Caramel & Coulis – €13

Soufflé flavored with Raspberry Alcohol – €13


"Back from the Market" Menu

The Whole Menu € 49 or 2-courses Menu € 36

The Perfect Egg (cooked at low temperature),
Served with Creamed Young Leeks & Trout’s Roe
Local White Asparagus, Herb Vinaigrette

Sea-Bass Braised and Served with Shrimp Sauce,
Artichoke Stir Fry & Vegetables
Piece of Local Beef Served with Pepper Sauce,
Baby Potatoes cooked in Foie Gras Fat

Duet of Ewe Milk Cheeses served with Black Cherry Jam
Grand Cru Chocolate Sponge Cake
Iced Nougat with Passion Fruit Coulis

"Degustation" ​Menu

6-course service to be ordered for the whole table – 81€


Gourmet Salad with French Green Beans, Foie Gras & Lobster Shavings

Spring Roll with Crab and Avocado, Asian Sauce

Fish depending on the Market Choice

“Tatin Sisters” Hot Duck Foie Gras, Sweet and Sour Sauce

Tasting of Aldudes’ Suckling Lamb Roasted, Gratin Dauphinois

Dessert Symfony

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